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This PCIe Power Measurement Tool is absolutely brilliant!

We made our own 5700 XT Noctua Edition and it turned out Amazing!

Over 200,000 Servers in One Place! Visiting Hetzner in Falkenstein (Germany)

der8auer EN YT-Channel

I have split my video content into two different YT-Channels. Older Videos in english still can be found on the DE YT-Channel, but new Videos in english will be uploaded on the EN YT-Channel only. You can find both channels by clicking on the buttons below: 

der8auer @Corsair DE

More Videos featuring der8auer can be found on the Corsair Deutschland-YouTube-Channel:

Intel Die Sizes Compared

Click on the button below to see the size comparison pictures for the Core i9-10900K, the Core i9-9900K and the Cire i7-8700K…

X570 Motherboard VRM Overview

Here you can find the charts and other info for the X570 Motherboard VRM tests…

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