About Me

My name is Roman “der8auer” Hartung and I am a mechatronics engineer from Germany. I’ve been active in the extreme-overclocking scene since 2007 and within this time I have always created and successfully used all kinds of tools, among them LN2/Dice containers, Direct Die Frames, and delidding tools.
Apart from my Youtube channel I am involved as an CEO with HWBot and Thermal Grizzly.
As the CEO of Thermal Grizzly I am able to make my hobby into a profession. Here I can use my experience in designing tools for the PC enthusiast community to create innovative products.
When i am not working on PCs and hardware stuff, I enjoy tuning and driving my Nissan R35 GT-R. You can also find me at JDM events like “Reisbrennen”.


Who I Am

I am an engineering graduate (Mechatronics, B.Eng.), hardware enthusiast, hardware enthusiast and pro overclocker from Germany.

My Mission

My mission is to drive innovation in cooling solutions, to develop new tools for overclocking and to speak plainly about new products.

What I Do

With Thermal Grizzly we design and manufacture products for PC enthusiasts, with a focus on cooling solutions.

On YouTube i talk about overclocking and do all kind of crazy PC stuff.

Social Media

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Frequently asked questions?

der8auer stands for “the builder” from the german word bauen (to build). It does not stand for “farmer”, which in german is “der Bauer”

I have studied Mechatronics at Hochschule Heilbronn

I was always fascinated by electronics and decided to study Mechatronics during my compulsatory time in the german army, during which i was also in a unit where i worked with electronics.


I really do enjoy crushing all those little OC Benchmarks that Steve comes up with. Nothing in life brings me more joy!

I competed together with Elmor at an Corsair OC-Event at Computex back in 2010. When the Teams were announced, they called out my Name and said: “der Anal Auer”…

I drive a Porsche Taycan GTS Sport Tourismo or sometimes in the summer a Nissan R35 GT-R

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