Intel Alder Lake non-K-OC

We tested Baseclock Frequency Overclocking with the Alder Lake non-K-Processors and were amazed by the OC potential of these CPUs.

In order for this to work though, you need a motherboard with an external clock generator, and also a BIOS version that enables BCLK-OC for the motherboard.

On this page we want to both give an overview on which BIOS versions work for which motherboard and also give you a download library forr these BIOS version.

Please be aware that you should also disable all automatic Windows updates. It is possible that Windows will disable the BCLK-function in BIOS via Microcode Updates.

The Videos

We made overall 3 videos about Alder Lake non-K overclocking via BCLK OC.

You can find the videos on YouTube, but we will link all relevant charts here as well. 

Alder Lake non-K OC Benchmarks

BIOS Download Library

This link will guide you to the non-K OC-Motherboards at “”. From there you can quickly get to the support pages for each motherboard at ASUS

This link guides you to an download folder with the BIOS-Versions that should enable BCLK overclocking for each motherboard.