Advertisement Policy

Last updated: April 20, 2024

As part of our commitment to maintaining the integrity and focus of our channel, we have adopted a specific advertising policy. We choose to partner exclusively with brands and products that are related to the PC industry or related to topics that have a technical or science focused background. This ensures that the advertisements you see are not only pertinent but also add value to your knowledge of understanding PC hardware or introduce you to new topics.

We believe that this focused approach aids in avoiding distractions and keeps our content aligned with your interests and our expertise. By concentrating on industry-related products, we can offer our viewers promotions and information that are as useful and engaging as the content of our videos. Advertising is a must to keep the YouTube channels (DE and EN) up and running and we understand that it might be disruptive from the actual video. This is why we try to maintain balance between the financial benefits and the impact for your viewer experience.

We consciously decide against advertising products or services that do not directly relate to PC hardware or that might be against our moral standards. This includes, but is not limited to, CD-Key sellers, VPN services, financial and investment promotions, cryptocurrency or other questionable services and products. These types of advertisements often do not align with the interests of our audience and may not meet the specific standards and relevance that we set for our content.

Furthermore, our decision to exclude such advertisements stems from a desire to build trust with our audience. We believe that promoting only industry-related products helps in avoiding any potential conflicts of interest and maintains the transparency of our recommendations.

In addition, we try our best to avoid any conflicts of interest within the video content and the advertising spots that are injected into the video. For full viewer transparency we always disclose which parts of the video contain paid promotions and if samples were used. This information is visible at the bottom of the video description.

We generally do not offer paid videos. Only if the product itself is interesting, we will decide to feature it in a dedicated video or not. We do not allow any influence of external companies on the content that we publish. Any attempt to influence the video in a certain way will be disclosed to the public.

An exception to this rule, are videos that report from exhibitions such as CES or Computex. In this case we fly to other countries to report about latest trends and products which typically involves huge costs for flights and hotel. We always pay for our own flights and hotel, even when visiting other partner companies such as ASUS or Intel. For these exhibition videos we offer dedicated paid videos to report directly from the booth. This way we can show the latest trends and products to you at home. The payment does not influence our opinion on the shown products but offer the opportunity for the advertisement partner to show new and interesting features to you at home.

Even though it has always been openly communicated by der8auer, we want to make sure that you know about his involvement in the company Thermal Grizzly. At this point he is one of the CEOs of the company and thus is always biased when it comes to topics such as thermal interface materials. This is why we also do not publish content around comparing different thermal pastes or thermal pads to avoid conflicts of interest.

In conclusion, our advertising choices are designed to complement our content, not detract from it. We appreciate your understanding and support as we continue to provide high-quality content and reliable advice in the world of PC hardware. Thank you for trusting us as your source of information and insight in this exciting industry.